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Joby Pro Sling Strap L-XXL (JB01302-BWW) Prijs: € 75.02


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Instant Camera Access & Secure Camera Stowing SpeedCinch Explained The length of our Pro Sling Strap adjusts in seconds with a simple pull, thanks to our quick-draw SpeedCinch pulley system. Cinch. To cinch your DSLR tight against your body, pull your camera and the circular chest pivot ring in opposite directions. Lock. Lock the strap in this cinched position for added camera security when moving around or in crowded places. Unlock & Shoot. To return to shooting mode, unlock the strap, grab your camera by its grip and draw it forward in an upward arc motion. The strap fluidly extends, doubling in length and making it easy to capture the perfect shot. High-Performance Materials so You Never Miss a Shot Best-in-class textiles We created a custom woven textile for the Pro Sling Strap using computer-controlled looms. It is optimized to smoothly and quickly glide through the camera strap hardware. Custom hardware for SpeedCinch system The strap hardware makes it easy to quickly access your camera to shoot then quickly secure it tight against your body. No missed shots! No camera bumping or banging around! Attaching Your DSLR is Quick, Easy & Secure The Pro Sling Strap s camera attachment mechanism has a greased bearing which allows your camera to freely rotate 360 without becoming unscrewed from the strap. Secure your Pro Sling Strap to your camera by completely tightening the thumbscrew. For an even more secure grip, use a coin to tighten down the screw. Periodically check the tightness of the screw to ensure a secure attachment. For additional peace of mind, attach the camera tether. Loop it through the left shoulder lug then attach the tether carabiner to the top loop of the camera strap webbing. Innovations to Keep Your Camera Safe & Secure SpeedCinch system for camera safety Cinch your camera tight against your body to prevent camera from swinging, bumping or banging around. Lock for camera security Lock the strap in cinched position for added camera security in crowded places or while moving around. Bearing for mobility & stability A greased bearing inside the attachment mechanism allows your camera to spin and rotate without unscrewing from the strap. Fiberglass-reinforced hardware As strong and dependable as metal parts, yet still super lightweight. Camera Tether for peace of mind Camera Tether provides a secondary attachment point from the strap to the camera shoulder lug.

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